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The Carpet Cleaner is Coming! 
What Can I Do?


Pick up all small items (clothes, toys, electronics) on carpet to be cleaned
Vacuum the carpet. To help remove & loosen dirt/soil.
Also vacuum behind / under any large furniture to remove dust as we are unable to steam clean under such large items 
due to the moisture levels / possible damage that they may incur.
Very important Remove knickknacks (little statues, lamps, vases) from tables as things could get bumped.
Lay picture frames face down or remove.
Remove / raise hangings, curtains, valuables, chandeliers


Talk to the service person about the cleaning methods to be used.
​( Super-Steam uses, steam cleaning, the most recommended way of cleaning by most carpet manufactures.)
Specify any add-ons that you want / don't want
Describe past cleanings, if any that the carpet has undergone
Point out stains in the carpet and what might have caused them.
Alert the service person to any furniture with weak legs, seams in the carpet etc.


Inspect the cleaned carpet / rug. 
Plastic or foil shields have been placed under all furniture legs, when needed. 
Ask for estimate of carpet drying time and special instructions - Average drying 4-8 based on conditions.
If the weather allows, open all doors and windows to speed up drying. Weather Permitting.
Don't cover the carpet with anything to walk on it. This will cause damage to carpet.
Leave moisture shields under the furniture legs until the carpet dries completely.
Vacuum  after the carpet dries (1 Day) and regularly afterwards.
Check and change heating and cooling filter if needed to eliminate household dust.