Super - Steam Carpet & Furniture Cleaning.  Services for your Home and Business.

The Fine Print - Cleaning Liability

Fiber type, carpet construction, installation and maintenance may present circumstances beyond our control. The nature of some spots make them impossible to restore to original color or texture. At times a spot will become more apparent after cleaning. We cannot be responsible for preexisting fading, or wear due to light, age, or the disintegration during cleaning of weak or deteriorated material. Stains that reappear are due to the stain resurfacing from under carpet or padding and are undetectable from the surface. 

The Fine Print - Service Area
We reserve the right to refuse or accept any coupon's  in or out of our Service Area.
We reserve the right to add any additional fees for travel inside or outside our Service Area.
We reserve the right to refuse work in or out of our service area without any explanation.

As we do not require you to Prepay - Your payment is your acceptance of satisfactory work or services completed. No Refund Cash or Credit will be issued. 

Our billing policy is simple. Super-Steam is allowing you in kindness to make payment in full BY MAIL SERVICES : Upon Receipt - No Later than 7 Days from Work Completed Date.

Billing Service Fee
The Fine Print - Billing  LATE FEE
LATE FEE: After 7 Days a $30.00 LATE FEE will be Applied to the Invoice.
The Fine Print - Billing - Collections 

 The Fine Print - Cancellation Service Fee
We reserve the right to charge a $30.00 Service Fee  for :
 1. (No Show Appointments) 
 2. (Cancellations made on same calendar day) of appointment.
 * If you would like to re-schedule an appointment ALL ...... Late Fees are due in advance to scheduling  appointment.
The Fine Print - Miscellaneous  
We reserve the right to make  all final judgments on work performed or refused.

The Fine Print - Estimates
We reserve the right to refuse any estimates that we deem outdated.
We reserve the right to add additional cost to prices listed on  or print advertising for unforeseen work that needs to be performed to complete service.

The Fine Print - Coupons 
We reserve the right to refuse any coupons issued by Super-Steam either print or on-line....