Q: Why Super-Steam Cleaning is the best method? 

A:  Heats the water to a higher temperature. 
Adjusted to your carpets needs !
Shoots the carpet cleaning solution into the carpet at adjustable pressure. 
 adjusted to your carpets needs !
Draws out the water and dirt with stronger suction. 
Carpets dry to touch within 1-3 hours. Fully dry  within 1 to 12 hours

Super-Steam truck-mounted carpet cleaning units deliver pressurized cleaning 
solutions to the carpet, then extracts them back out, leaving you with no sticky residue.
Our carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians have been thoroughly trained to know the 
different fibers, fabrics, and proper methods to service these items.

  The result? A clean, healthy carpet.

We only use the  "State of the Art"  powerful commercial grade Truck Mounted equipment in your Home

What you can expect from Super-Steam technicians.

Pre-inspection: We inspect the areas to be cleaned, identify problem areas and ask you to share your special concerns.
Moving Furniture: We move most furniture so we can clean behind it. (We reserve the right to not move

any piece we constitute as unsafe.)
Pre-treatment: We apply the pre-cleaning solution when necessary first with a pressure sprayer.
Carpet Grooming: Grooming with our special carpet rake promotes faster drying. (As Needed)
Post-inspection: We walk through the completed job. 

Super - Steam Carpet & Furniture Cleaning.  Services for your Home and Business.